About Dauntless Education

Health and education are amongst the most important things in the world. Without health, our quality of life is diminished and our ability to achieve our goals dreams is hampered. We all want to live our best lives, and being healthy plays a major part in this.

Education is a gateway to success, a pathway to health and a lifelong experience. The day we stop learning is the day we start to fade away.

Dauntless Education recognises both health and education are intertwined.

Dauntless Education was initially established by Chris Raines to provide women and their families in the Mackay region with information and education about pregnancy, birth and parenting but after seeing the lack of education options for nurses and midwives across the region, and even the country, Chris decided to branch out into education for health care professionals, to support the people who are supporting their communities. And in the evolutionary style of health and education, Dauntless Education continues to transform to provide resources, support fundraising events and soon....even more.....

Chris is a Registered Nurse and Endorsed Midwife, as well as a Child Health Nurse and educator. Chris has provided health care and education in locations across Australia , and in 2021 created the first Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference.

Whether you are looking to access continuing professional development, expand your networks, improve your wellbeing or you are wanting some education that is tailored to your profession, Dauntless Education can help. 

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