Home visits after birth.

Postnatal home visiting is something that few people consider while pregnant, and a lot of families are not aware that there is a postnatal home visiting service available at all. Then suddenly, new parents are at home with their little bundle of joy, who also turns out to be a bundle of noise, and are not sure where to access help from.

There are so many questions about a new baby, even for parents who have more than one child. Are they getting enough milk? Are they gaining enough weight? How much should they sleep? All of these are frequently asked questions and a home visiting midwife can answer these queries and more.

Home visiting midwives and child health nurses will offer to weigh your baby and can provide a health check for Mum and baby, which can set your mind at ease. This will usually include an assessment of maternal mental health, to ensure a new Mum is receiving enough support and to address any mental health issues that may be arising. You will have a chance to discuss any issues of concern, about you or your baby, and your midwife will also provide information about options you may not have considered, such as immunisation, parenting groups and mental health services.

In Mackay, families are usually offered one or two home visits from the Child Health Service, which is a part of Queensland Health, and then will usually need to visit one of the clinics for any further checks or challenges. This can be perfectly adequate for some people, however others would prefer additional home visits by a qualified health professional, and Dauntless Birth is able to provide these visits.

Before you left the hospital where you gave birth, you would have been given a Personal Health Record for your baby. In Queensland these books are red, but in other states they come in different colours. The booklet is used to record your child’s immunisations, developmental checks and other major health events.

Every time your child sees a health care professional, they will document in your child’s health record book, so you will have all of your babies’ information in one place. This is helpful to ensure your child is developing as expected and the book also discusses things like;

  • keeping your baby safe (including safe sleeping)

  • Developmental milestones

  • what to do if your baby gets sick,

  • caring for your baby’s teeth and ears,

  • breastfeeding, formula feeding and introducing solids.

Although it is great to have all of this information in one place, your midwife or child health nurse will be able to go into greater detail, and provide you with information specific to your child.

For families with babies up to six weeks old, a portion of a private midwifes’ home visiting fee can be claimed through Medicare, and visits can occur at intervals which suit you. Some families need more support in the first few days of going home, while others develop concerns a few weeks down the track.

For more information, or to book a home visit, contact Dauntless Birth today.

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