Independent childbirth education classes

Once upon a time, child birth classes were held at the local hospital and options for education were limited. The time, days and content for classes were set by the hospital and if any of those were not what the pregnant mum could fit into her schedule, then she was left with little information or support.

Fortunately, there are now a range of options for pregnant woman and their families, which can make information gathering considerably easier, but which one is the best option for you?

Dauntless Birth offers individualized childbirth education, in the comfort of your own home, with as many (or as few) people attending as you would like. While hospital-based classes generally only cater to the pregnant woman and one other person, education provided by Dauntless Birth ensures that all of your support team can join you and learn how to work together to best support you.

If your Aunt Sue is going to be with you through labour and birth, trading places occasionally with your partner and you mum, it is important that Aunt Sue and your partner and your Mum are all aware of what you want from your birth and the ways in which they can support you.

Every family and birth is different, and individually tailored classes can provide you with the specific information you need, rather than information which may not suit your plans or circumstances. There is not much point attending classes which focus on vaginal birth if you will be having a cesarean, just as there is very little benefit in hearing about epidurals, if you will be birthing in a location where an epidural is not an option.

While group childbirth education provides one method of providing a number of women with education in an efficient manner, individual education in your home means that you don’t worry about asking the “right” questions or leave wondering about aspects which are important to you.

As a provider of independent education, Dauntless Birth is able to ensure you receive evidenced based information, rather than information based on hospital policies. This can help you make decisions about your birth experience based on facts- from the positions you choose during labour and birth, to the place you decide to give birth to your baby.

And regardless of where, how and when you choose to birth, Dauntless Birth will ensure you feel supported in your choices and decisions because, after all, this is your birth and your baby.

Child birth education with Dauntless Birth childbirth can;

Provide you with evidenced based information

Provide education while you are safe and comfortable in your own home

Tailor education to your specific circumstances

Provide education to all of your support people

Include your fur babies in your classes

Assist you in making a plan to organise your support tribe for after your baby arrives

Provide you with information and resources focused on child birth

Answer any questions you have, and much more.

Wondering if individualized child birth education is right for you? Contact Dauntless Birth for more information.

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