Just add water!

With the average human body consisting of somewhere between 45% and 75% of water (depending on age, gender and weight), it’s no wonder that water can be a bit of a fix-it-all solution for many families.

Water, for pain relief in labour, has been used by thousands of women across the world, with great results. A warm deep bath, or a hot shower directed where the pain is the most intense, can provide relaxation, pain relief and enhance coping ability.

When babies arrive in the world, they love water too. If your baby is tired and cranky, has wind pain or is out of sorts for no obvious reason, a warm bath will often calm them down, ease the pain and settle the crankiness.

By the time babies become toddlers, often we have forgotten the “just add water” trick, but a toddler in a bath or shower is a happy toddler. You can provide them with bath toys, bath crayons or bubbles or go for the tried-and-true entertainment value of a plastic bowl. No added expense and a happy toddler in a very short time.

(A side note here- toddlers still need to be supervised for the whole time they are in the bath, but it’s amazing what you can take into the bathroom with you, and actually achieve, now the toddler is no longer screaming like a rabid monkey).

By the time your babies grow into tweens, or teens, they have probably discovered the joy of the shower for themselves, and you may have difficulty getting the OUT of the water. Although this is often the case, they still often regard showers and baths as useful for hygiene purposes only (which is great- nobody wants stinky teens around the house) but a bath or shower can often assist when they are moody or anxious. Although it can be a bit of a battle to get them into the water when they are feeling disgruntled, after you manage to get them in, they will be very reluctant to get out again and usually emerge as a clean and reasonable human being.

And as we get older, warm baths and showers are great for aching muscles after we over exert ourselves at sport or, for the more mature of us, wake up wondering why our muscles hurt after doing nothing but sleeping.

So when you are next in pain or you are having trouble soothing a sad baby or child, just add water for instant results.

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