Preparing partners for birth.

One the concerns that women have about labour and birth, is around how their partners will cope while the Mum-to-be is in labour. And to be honest, a fair number of partners are worried about this too. While pregnant woman spend time researching options and talking with friends and family about labour and birth, partners are often not considered in the whole process, which can create some issues for the whole family.

Partners who have heard only alarming stories about birth are more likely to attempt to avoid being present- depriving women of support from a trusted person. Partners who are afraid and unprepared can become demanding and disruptive in the birth room, as a result of their fears and need to be reassured.

Partners, whether male or female, have an important role to play in the birthing room. They can support the labouring woman- both physically and emotionally- and they are an important part of the new family which is about to be created.

Partners are great at rubbing backs, heating hot packs and providing drinks. Partners can reassure the labouring Mum that they believe she can do this, that she is doing an amazing job and that everything is going as it should be.

One of the ways we can assist partners to become more ready for birth is through education. Antenatal education can allow partners to be more aware of what to expect during labour and birth and can provide information on how partners can help during this intense time. And although traditional antenatal education is often focused around pain relief and aimed at providing the pregnant women information, there is also education available which can be tailored to suit both the pregnant woman and her partner, so both parents can feel informed and prepared for birth.

With this is mind, Dauntless Birth creates antenatal education around the individual needs of each family, whatever that family looks like, and this can include specific information focused on preparing partners for birth. If this sounds like it could suit you, contact Dauntless Birth to find out more.

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